Friday, May 11, 2007

Little Dragon - Test/4ever Single

Little Dragon are a new group from Gothenburg, Sweden specializing in the nujazz, broken beat area. Their first single was a limited edition 7" vinyl record, which features two tracks:

A Test
B 4Ever

Both tracks definitely have that nordic jazz feel to them, slightly more electronic than straightforward broken beat. 'Test' is a fine little cut, which grows on you the more you listen to it with a wonderful back drop which just resonates in your head.. Oh i forgot to mention the singer in the group, a little known (ahum) Yukmimi Nagano. If you're thinking you know that name, well she IS the singer in Koop, Kyoto Jazz Massive, Sleepwalker and numerous other singles. Her vocals match perfectly with the beats, as shown in the B-side 4ever.

This is the only single the group have released, but is a wonderful little introduction. Really mellow, soothing, perfect for those late night chill sessions.

Little Dragon Myspace

Bah Samba - Bah Samba

The first album which I shall showcase is a self-titled debut by a group called Bah Samba. Bah Samba were formed in 1995 by Julian Bendall, with other key members being Alice Russell (vocalist), Mark Ralph (guitar) and Timmy Walker (bass). However, this is NOT a small group! Both on recorded albums and live gigs, they have a group consisting of brass section, flutes, percussion (congas!), drums, acoustic guitar, strings... you name it they've played it.

Their debut album Bah Samba was released 2002 on the Estero record label, and is one of the best debut and all time albums I have ever heard. It is one of those albums you keep going back to, it never ages and it certainly has a feel good vibe. The album mixes the genres of samba, latin, jazz, folk, soul and beautifully executed by all the group members. This album is superb for the summer, and if it is not on your BBQ playlist, why not?!

I have had the pleasure of seeing this group perform live twice now, and if you get the chance take it. Again, absoluely fantastic live. The group enjoy themselves, and the individual players encourage eachother and it is a tightly formed musical unit. But, I have not even mentioned the gorgeous, sun-drenched vocals of the UK's number 1 soul, nu-jazz, broken beat vocalist Ms. Alice Russell. I feel her vocals on this album cut is, quite frankly the best i've heard from her, and live she knocks yr wooly socks off.

Give this record a spin, I know you will fall in love with it instantly - and if you do I have some more Samba goodies coming up!

Also take a visit to their homepage as well:

My first ever post!

Welcome to my blog of the arts! Over the last few months I have been reading and searching blogs, trawling through search engines finding new music and films. And I started to look at this activity as a form of diggin'. Like you have vinyl diggin' this is online diggin', and I have been lucky enough to find some real gems that I most likely would never find out on the streets.

So this blog is a way for me to give something back to the other bloggers, introduce lots of good stuff (well I think so!), and most of all, have a good ol' chat and natter.

With the music, sometimes I will put tracks up, other times full albums - but I was always insist if you do download them, they are available in the shops so do go and purchase them! buy the live show tickets if you can and really have a good time!

Most of all, I would love people's feedback, comments, emails - just to see what you think. Well that's my schpeel over with, time for some real bloggin'. Miss T xx