Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A delicious morsel of Cold Blood..

Before you start thinking, she's a bloodsucking nutter - I am obviously talking about the soul-funk-rock group Cold Blood. In particular the album, First Taste of Sin (1972) produced by no other than Donny Hathaway and from the first track to the last it has Donny stamped allllll over it. One track i've singled out as a particular fav is 'You Had To Know'. A fantastic soul ballad that after one listen you instantly recognise it as Hathaway's production: from the surging piano, rising strings and powerhouse vocal; do I go as far to suggest the sister track to 'I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know', oh yea I do.

Here the track in its full glory, take a listen and bask in the soul of Cold Feet, and credit must go to lead singer Lydia Pense - sing it girl!

Cold Feet - You Had To Know

Check back as i'll be posting some more of my fav tracks and a very special album post - an LP that I have never seen on any soul blog. That must be enough incentive to come back ;)


thisistomorrow said...

helloooo! just wanted to let you know that i'll post your mix on monday... you can put a link to my blog up on your page... thanks again for the nice mix... mike

Vincent the Soul Chef said...

Any friend of the mighty DJ Blueprint is a friend of mine. The winter mix looks rather cozy, a perfect compliment for a good bottle of shiraz. Looking forward to hearing more from you and I'll give you a link next time I post.

Peace and blessings.

Gorgon Jr said...

Dear kind soul,

I really, really enjoyed this track and your blog and I know it sounds selfish and such but is there anyway you could post this whole album?

I am a really big fan of Mr. Donny Hathaway and would do anything to hear the rest of the tracks on this almighty gem... if not I understand.. thanks for your time.